Seasonal Colors

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  1. Wow, so I find out I am a winter with light skin. On the list are colors that I never tried before since I never thought they would look good on me. Next time I go shopping, I am going to try all the colors(that are available) that I always shied away from, and take a good friend with me, to see if those colors are what I can pull off. Not necessarily purchasing the items, I just want to see what I can wear. Also my wardrobe needs to be pruned, get rid of the clothes that don't fit me any more, and ones that I haven't worn for at least a year. This will be a very interesting challenge for me. I am dipping my toes into this tiny step at a time.

  1. Sounds like a good plan, Maarite. Baby steps are smart. Best of luck, and let us know how it goes! :-)

  2. Maarite, I always thought I was a winter until I had my colors done. Turns out I'm a summer with spring overtones. It's amazing what the right colors do for you.

  3. I had my colours done in the 80s and it has had such a big impact. I bought so much more colour once I knew it was safe. I am a true summer. Enjoy discovering all those colours

  4. okay, first time out looking at some new colors. Not sure if I was struggling with the cut and type of top, or the color didn't work. I struggled with it all. Found it difficult to like a color, if the cut or style didn't work for me. Mmmmmm, not sure how to handle that. I will definitely go out again, and try again, to see. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to figure this out? Thanks

  5. Ding, ding, ding!!! That's the 'key". All three have to work for you and then buy. I'm more likely to fudge on color but not cut/style and fit. And only on color if I can mix and match it with what I have. No stand alone pieces, you don't get much wear out of them. You might be able to go a bit bigger and take it to a tailor if you really love it to and it's a great price - to make up for the tailor's charge. Lot's to juggle when looking for clothes. ~Gwen

  6. It hard to stretch your mind to new colours. Might I suggest trying styles in colours you are comfortable with now and then when you like the fit and style see if there is another colour available. This only works in well stocked stores and you would probably be looking at full price clothes. You don't have to buy, remember this is a learning exercise, but it will help to make you more comfortable with colour. I am betting that because you are light skinned you have been told for years that you can't wear bright colours. Ignore all that negativity and give colour a try. Good Luck!

  7. It sounds so exciting for you, Maarite!

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