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  1. I can't believe I have this kind of problem. I used to be so stylish, without trying, of course I was much younger then. I am now 49 & can't seem to quite get it. I did a closet purge, have no problem getting rid of clothes I don't wear or want. However, when I tried to make several outfits out of only 8 basic pieces that I wear all the time because I feel good in them, I found I do not have 8 pieces that all go together in one way or another. I am looking for more neutral type clothing to go with more things in my closet, however, I don't seem to have much of anything left, but things I have had for yrs & are getting old. Plus I lost 20 pnds. so some I will have taken in & some I will replace. However, I can not do it all at once & I just don't know where to begin. I don't even have many jeans that are comfy & I like. (2 pairs). Sorry this is so long, I hope I got my point across without being confusing. Any ideas would be very welcome! I did try to make a list of things I could use for certain clothes in my closet, however, that didn't get me far. I just seem to need everything, including cute shirts!

  1. I think you need to skip the challenge this time around. I remember loosing lots of weight a few years ago also and I needed everything including undies that fit. All you can do is go slow and visit the second hand shops. Look at the eight pieces you have and compare it to the MSP basic list. Then look at what you need and shop at the second hand store or consignment shops. Focus on the most important first. What would you get the most wear out of? Do you work or stay at home? I homeschool so I needed more jeans than dress pants and skirts. I added those later on. Right now I need a blue skirt or dress pants. It would really expand my wardrobe. All I have is black. And I'm always on the look out for a great pair of brown pants/skirt. Brown is so hard to find the right shade. So put everything out on the bed and check your list. Keep us posted and keep asking questions. P.S. no cute shirts! Just basic ones. White blouses, chambray, and your accent color. I use teal and burgundy. They are just plain tops or light weight sweaters. Better to mix and match with. Go for more color in your accessories and scarfs. ~Gwen

  2. Thank you gmkrehbiel! Great advice. I had to chuckle at the "no cute shirts" advice! That really hit home with me! I think that is my big problem, I have too many colorful pretty tops & not much neutral. I told my girlfriend the other day I needed more neutral clothes & she laughed & said that is so not me! I like neutral, just never realized how much I NEED them! LOL I can mix & match & add different accessories just fine, only can't seem to put the same shirt with very many bottoms. So I guess that is where I need to start, the bottoms. I know I will get a lot of use out of comfy jeans & neutral skirts. The only place I get dressed up regularly is for Church & that is not an issue as far as clothes right now. I do have issues with ankle jeans (love 1 pair I have), I can wear my boots with them, however, I can't wear a hill very high & I can't find comfy flats that fit my feet & stay on, so I am hoping I have some flat sandals that will work for this spring with them. I will not give up, I will keep you informed how my quest goes. I just wanna get on a small roll before spring, so I don't have this problem next winter, yet again! Thank you again, I will take your advice & get back to you! Carolyn

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