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  1. Hi, I am an E and was wondering if I could or should wear a belt. Lots of my outfits are baggie or not fitted at all. Would like to change this. Was wondering if a belt would be a good idea. . I tend to wear a lot of skirts and tops. I am a stay-at-home mom, 50 years old, about 75 pounds overweight and live in Texas. ? I am not seeing anybody on the Forum sharing about Body Type E. Is there any E’s out there? Hope so. I would love all the advice you can give me! Debbie

  1. I'm a stay-at-home mom, 53 and an E w/40-50 pds too much on a 5'6" frame. Never had a waist to speak of so I've always steered clear of belts, but I've started experimenting with them as a result of this site and have had some success! What has worked for me for two events: Slacks (could be jeans), a solid color camisole (not tucked in), a matching or coordinating shirt worn over this (not baggy, more streamlined, running closer to the body), coupled with a thin black belt over the cami. It "peeks out from underneath" which breaks up the vertical line and gives the illusion of a waist! I actually like pictures of myself from my daughter-in-law's baby shower because of the simple addition of a belt! I'm also leg long and body short. By trial and error of pinning things up, I've discovered most tops and jackets are too long for me (I have straight hips and a flatter bottom, so I don't feel a need to cover that area). Looks like I'll become proficient in hemming things! If you want to see a picture of my outfit, let me know and I'll email it to you! Good luck! Kathy

  2. Hi Debbie, I'm an E also, 57, and 5'6" with a long torso. We can wear belts, too, but you need to do some experimenting with them. I often do Kathy's tip of wearing the belt under a jacket or cardigan, and it does work. Leslie always says to try the belt at your narrowest part of your waist, which is often just above the natural waist. On me, however, that sometimes makes me look pregnant, so I move it around until it looks right. In the past, Leslie has said to wear thinner belts, and ones that are close in color to your shirt. Avoid wide belts if you have an undefined waist or short torso. These are general guidelines, so don't be afraid to stand in front of a full-length mirror and experiment with belt width, placement, and color. Take pictures of yourself with belts styled in different ways. They will give you a good idea of whether they look good or not. Have fun!

  3. Dear Kathy: Thank you so much for your suggestions! I would love to see a picture. Cindy, Thank you also for your advice. I will play around with a belt and see if it will work for me. I don't have much of a waiste.... Thanks!

  4. Right on Cindy! I say 'yes' too! Go for belts. Skinny ones are often best and do indeed need to be experimented with. Also, since you are trying to move away from baggy clothes (good choice, btw) you will look your best (and slimmer as a matter of fact) by embracing your shape w/ semi-fitted tops! Be of luck and use that full-length mirror to help you!

  5. debbierhoades - You are welcome. If you'll send me your email (mine is I will gladly forward the photo. I am a very visual person and for me, seeing is believing... or at least helpful :) Since entering menopause, clothing has to do double duty... look nice AND keep me from passing out!!! ~ Kathy

  6. Something I have been playing with, when I wear the very popular belted cardigan: tying the belt in the back. I am a sort-waisted E with an undefined waist and a very large chest, so I need the long vertical line on top but still want shape. Belting the cardis doesn't look so well on me, but when I belt in back it nips in the sides to give a hint of waist without breaking up the vertical line. Kmnystrom, I like your idea of belting a colored cami under an unbuttoned shirt. Think I'll play with that this evening!

  7. Hi. I'm an E and 5' 6". I have no idea what i am doing. I just started with MSP. Can some one help me on where to start?

  8. Paula123, You should start by logging into your Personal Profile! Read and use the shopping guides so you understand which styles of clothing can help you balance your shape best. You can use this information to help you purge your closet as well as when you go shopping. Also, right here is a good place to ask for help. These ladies are the BEST!!! Just like Cindy's all about experimenting to figure out what is best for you. Take baby steps...start by understanding how to use clothing to balance your shape...from there you are going to have a blast!

  9. I was at a talk by Adrien Arpel once, where she was addressing how to dress for our body type (of course, she didn't call it that). The tip I took away was this formula: wear a skirt, blouse, and jacket with a belt, but wear it THIS way: -blouse untucked -belted with a narrow belt the same color as the blouse -jacket worn open I tried this at a conference I went to later in the spring, and I swear it made me look like I had a tiny wasp waist, which I most certainly do not! The only problem is finding narrow belts in the right color that are long enough. I see plenty of cute colorful narrow belts at Target right now, but ...

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