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  1. Am I the only one who absolutely despises going shopping? I go, check price (first thing, if it's not on sale, I don't buy it), check size and color. I try things on, can't find anything and go home and cry. I hear about women who love to spend a day going shopping. If it's a bookstore, I'm all for it. The rest of it, I'd rather be having a root canal.

  1. I hear you! Although I don't completely hate shopping (except grocery!) I do find it frustrating to say the least. I always check the price (am I willing to pay this much), quality of fabric, size, colour, style and fit. More often than not, I go home empty handed. One thing I am learning is to try different stores, even ones I would not normally enter. They vary so much in quality of garment and sizing etc. I am also finding that even though one store may have something one season, not necessarily so the next season. I am also learning that if I see something that I need/want and it fits all the above - I buy it then are there because if I mull it over and go back to get it, its generally gone. Best of luck with your shopping journeys.

  2. I don't hate shopping and I don't despise it. But I, too, usually end up with nothing. Which makes it a cheap trip. I usually can't find anything I like, or what I'm looking for. Must admit I despise shopping for shoes, though. I wish shoe fashions wouldn't change and that shoes wouldn't wear out.

  3. Before MSP I sure did. Though I still hate trying on pants. Tops are now much easier as I look at styles and color. Then if that's good I try it on. Second hand shop there is no getting a different size but other store are much easier. Keep at it it does get easier with MSP's help. ~Gwen

  4. I find it does help to schedule at least twice as much time as I think it should take. It also helps if I browse the internet first to find out what prices are. sometimes I decide I just don't need that item and sometimes I bite the bullet and pay full price if it is a perfect item that I will wear every week.

  5. I'm with you on preferring bookstores to clothing stores! Could I gently suggest that by only looking at clothes on sale, you may be limiting yourself too much? You don't need a lot of clothes to have a great wardrobe (as MSP is always saying), and it may be worth the price to skip the headaches...especially if you come away with something like a basic pair of pants that you can wear several times a week, as jhisrich says. If budget is a concern, go slow. But you might be surprised how much one or two items can extend the wardrobe you've already got. (Regarding shopping problems, I'm annoyed because several of my reliable, go-to stores have recently it's back to the drawing board!)

  6. I agree with wonderer about price and budget. I think it is very important to consider your lifestyle, what you want and need and then, CPW (Cost Per Wear)! Years ago I found a white cardigan at Talbots. It was about $70 which was WAY more than I was used to paying for such an item. But I loved the sweater and knew I would wear it and, all these years later (5? 10?) I am still wearing it and love it. It is mostly a matter of knowing yourself and what suits you in terms of both style and comfort. Maybe you need these shopping trips just to be clearer in your own mind on these points. Good luck!

  7. I find the prices and selection overwhelming in large department stores. Might I suggest thrift stores? When I travel on business, I try to stop in at least one Goodwill Store. I have my "need" list, and a color in mind. I quickly flip through the selections, only pulling out pieces from high-quality brands and pieces that are not worn looking, in the color I need. Sometimes I'll get lucky and sometimes I won't find anything. But the selection is limited and items are only in one size, so I don't get overwhelmed. By thrift shopping when I'm out of town, I don't worry about running into someone who donated the item. I also limit my wardrobe to a very few colors - so everything goes with everything else. Since signing up for Leslie's service, I have a less crowded closet and lots to wear.

  8. hyeatman, large department stores are overwhelming to me now also. I used to love Dillard's, but haven't been there in a long time. I did GREAT with Coldwater Creek for several years. But the last time I went to JCP I couldn't wait to get out of there. There were waaaaay too many choices. I was really upset when CC closed. Now that they're back, it's not the same. I get an email from them daily and so far have seen only 2 things that I found interesting. Previously my wish list was always full as I waited for things to go on sale. Yesterday I got my first catalog in the mail since they made their comeback. It was really disappointing. I felt that the clothes were not stylish at all. Anybody else have an opinion on the new CC? The only plus for me is that they are still carrying my favorite jeans.

  9. I'm going to be looking at thrift stores since we're on a very tight budget, and paying full price for anything is out of the question. Dillard's is so far out of my price range it's pathetic. I used to find some nice things at Dillard's, but now something will have to be at least 70% off for me to even consider it. I'm hoping I can find something at the thrift stores. Not holding out a lot of hope, since designers don't make clothes for real people. According to the some of the clothing I've seen , you have to be at least 5'10" and skinny, or a teenager. I guess they figure women in their 50s and up don't need to look nice.

  10. I'm hoping this comes across in the gentle spirit I intend: going in with an open mind will help. If you approach a store expecting that you won't find anything, you won't! MSP herself recommends shopping at thrift stores, but it will take a little more time. (Look around -- there may be several near you, some will have better selection than others, and of course the selection is always changing.) I agree that if you're plus-size, it's a lot harder, and I wish designers would realize that they're missing out on a lot of business by catering only to size 14 and under. But I don't think that fashion is quite as limited as you're telling yourself. You can do this!

  11. I do try to go in with an open mind. I know the colors that look good on me, but matching them with the styles is hard. I get discouraged easily. I would go shopping with my mother, who had a fabulous sense of style. She would reach into a rack of clothes, pull out something and say, "this will look so good on you". And usually she was right. She passed away in 2013 and I miss those times of shopping together. So I have to muddle on by myself. If you have someone special you shop with, please cherish those times together. They are all too short.

  12. I love to shop, and can easily spend way too long looking at clothes, getting distracted, having fun poking around stores. (I guess it keeps me out of trouble!) Books can be impulse buys, and you can never have read too many. A wardrobe can be more like buying a car...we benefit from having a plan. "What do I need for my capsule wardrobe? Get out my list. How many pairs of jeans are necessary? Hm, I have enough. I don't need another aqua top, put it down! What I really need is a beige sweater in a durable fabric. Look online first, 15 minutes or so, and check what is available in my local stores. Then I will go to the thrift stores and see what they have. If nothing, then on to the discount stores."

  13. I really dislike clothes shopping, too. I am a plus-size Body Type D autumn and I get very discouraged in department stores. I, too, wish that designers would open themselves to the fact that there are a lot of plus-size women who want to look stylish and wear something other than dull-colored clothes. My husband is like rtcampbell's mother - he sees something on the rack and suggests that I try it. I never think it will look good on me, but usually he is right and I am wrong (don't tell him I said that!). When I am shopping I look at the care instructions first. If a garment has to be dry-cleaned, it goes back on the rack. I don't mind spending more for quality clothing, but I'm not keen on helping the dry cleaners feather their nests.

  14. Going shopping is a chore for more than one reason. My best times of shopping were with my mother. She could wear me out, but it was always a good time, even when we didn't find anything. Those days are gone forever because my mother died in 2013. Going shopping alone is just another reminder that she is gone. So I go into a store find something in my size, hope it fits, doesn't look too horrible, is washable and won't break my bank account. That's all I can do.

  15. I understand the shopping frustration. I am a body type C and 5.2" tall. (petite 14 or 16) I started shopping online. There are usually more sizes and colors to choose from. I can get free shipping,and there is no hassle to return items. So if I have a pair of pants that fits me well, I look online for that same style and purchase another on sale.

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