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  1. What is the fascination with V-necked tops? There seems to be a misconception that everyone can wear a v-neck. Not so. I can't and my mother couldn't either. The only "v-necks" we wore were blouses with collars. Am I the only having this difficulty? It's almost like saying "one size fits all". V-necks look great on some people, but on me, they're a horror story.

  1. Interesting! What's your body type?

  2. I'm an E, but my mother was very petite and slim. It doesn't matter what type you are, if a style doesn't look good on you, you don't buy it.

  3. I don't 'love' V-neck t-shirts (but have a few) but like v-neck sweaters. I find, with a larger bust, a low scoop neck (not too low) looks nicer. Either a round necklace or drop V shape (past the bustline) necklace looks good. I am new on this self improvement journey and have lots to learn but it is what I am thinking.

  4. V-necks don't suit me either. Make me look gawky. Someone suggested wearing a shirt under a v-neck, but on me that looks frumpy. Maybe with a huge necklace, or a long lightweight scarf draped ?artfully? around my neck. Luckily we don't get much hot weather here.

  5. I love v-necks, but I have a real problem with how low they are. Aside from the modesty factor, I am a small-busted A type, and they gap and hang on me really badly! I am so tired of having to wear a tank or cami under them - they ruin the "line" I am trying to create with the V-neck in the first place. Does anyone know of a brand name that generally makes v-necks that don't plunge so much? Thanks!

  6. Land's End has modest v necks.

  7. I'm in the hate V neck as well. I can't find any that fit properly and in my line of work they are not really a good choice. Crew necks are safer. I've tried the Lands End and Edie Bauer and Cabelas v necks and they all go to low for my comfort

  8. I love V necks but you are right they don't suit everyone. If you don't like them then you should ignore that advice. You are right there is no style that suits everyone. I wish I could wear crew neck T-shirts but can't. If you want to wear a V neck and but feel it exposes to much chest you could try this. I have some snug (not tight) thin fabric tank tops that I wear under it. They are thin enough to not add much bulk have a rounded neck but are low enough to not cut me off at the neck. So basically I am filling the bottom few inches of the V. Good Luck don't wear anything that makes you uncomfortable, you are worth looking awesome and feeling good!

  9. I'm in the "love v-necks" group! But right now I have a couple of long-sleeved ones that have a very wide opening...letting my bra/camisole straps show on the inside. I just wear a vest with them, and it covers the straps, works fine. I don't like crew or even slightly higher necklines...can't stand anything near my throat. Turtlenecks are TOTALLY out.

  10. I have gone from a D shape to a B shape in the last 8=9 months. That's because I lost 40 lbs going to a weight loss clinic. Now I have a serious turkey neck and my upper arms have a lot of loose skin and deep wrinkles. I have some health issues and cannot exercise. Currently I am awaiting rotator cuff repair on one shoulder and having PT on the other shoulder. IMHO I need to see a plastic surgeon to see about tightening up all this loose skin. V necks only exaggerate my turkey neck and sleeveless anything is definitely a no-no.

  11. Wow! Paulette, you go girl, 4o pounds is terrific! I wonder if anyone could tell you how much your skin will go back to shape, or how long it takes? My friend lost alot of weight, and her skin looks better. I think it has been about a year. I haven't lost any, so I can't tell you!

  12. A friend had her stomach stapled and lost lots of weight. She had to have plastic surgery to remove all the hanging skin on her arms, neck and legs! I don't think there is much you can do except have the surgery after major weight reduction. It is very expensive!

  13. Well, it's still the same. The examples for tops in this week's article are all V-necks, which is just about the same every week with very few exceptions. No help at all. That's a quick way for me to become extremely discouraged and want to give up. If this is what's in the stores, I'm doomed. Renee

  14. Yes I see what you mean. The only way I'd wear those v-necks would be with a big necklace or a scarf - or if I went totally mad - hair extensions. I notice that a lot of necklines only look good if you have hair hanging around your neck like a scarf... It softens the effect, I suppose.

  15. Renee, what else does MSP say about choosing flattering tops for your body type? The ones she shows are NOT every possible top you can buy from that store (let alone all the stores she doesn't feature), they're just samples she's picked out. Look at the other parts of her recommendations and use those. I'm in Canada and we don't even have the same stores, so I look at the written advice and pictures as guidelines for shopping. For example, I'm a C and a lot of the advice revolves around either drawing the eye up towards my face, or choosing tops that balance out my hips in various ways. V-necks are one way to do this, but not the only way. I googled "apple shape how to dress" and got lots of advice. Yes, v-necks were mentioned, but so were lots of other tips. Don't give up -- you can do this!

  16. Wonderer, thanks for the suggestion. I googled "long neck" etc and the advice is to wear somthing around the neck to soften the look, and a mid to long hairstyle.

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