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  1. Wonder asked in another post about what to wear a chambray shirt with so I thought I'd pull that out for it's own topic. I found this post on a blog i follow. and this one. It was really interesting to see how I wore my shirt. How do you all wear your shirt? ~Gwen


  1. Ooh, that's really interesting/informative...thanks, Gwen! First way I wore mine: with dark-wash skinny jeans, navy blazer, and faux diamond statement necklace. I had to tuck in the chambray because it was longer than the blazer, but it didn't look great...I have a bit of a tummy bulge so I usually leave tops untucked. If my jeans had a higher rise it might have kept everything in and worked better. Looking forward to trying the shirt with skinny jeans and no blazer (so I can leave it untucked), maybe under a sweater (the sleeves are a bit baggy for that, but under a loose sweater it might work), and with various skirts and dresses in spring!

  2. MSP did an article on this too. Last year, I think.

  3. MSP did an article on this too. Last year, I think.

  4. Actually it was July and August 2013. Just looked it up in my MSP Ring-Binder. :)

  5. Found it, I think..."Back-to-School Style" from July 25, 2013?

  6. Yes. And "Dressing Down-Casual Looks Done Right August 20, 2013.

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