Silver or Gold?

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  1. I'm a cool winter and was wondering if that dictates if you should wear silver or gold jewelery. Sometimes I think I look better in silver, but love my gold!

  1. I'm a spring, which means I have warm eyes, skin and hair, and I'm supposed to wear warm colors and gold rather than silver. I would guess that means a cool winter would look better in silver rather than gold.

  2. Silver is what you "should" wear, however, if women did not bend this rule, we would not have great looks such as black and gold, snow white and gold, purple and gold.... But avoid orange and gold, brown and gold, etc.

  3. According to COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL summer and winter should wear silver.

  4. I'm also a winter, and I wear both! But I do try to go for a duller gold rather than a bright, shiny, yellow gold. Also, try combining gold and silver!

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