I'm past 65...

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  1. I'm a bit older but still like to look good, and not all the styles, skirt lengths, tank tops or skinny pants, etc work any more. How about some input from everyone and also our EXPERTS?

  1. Peggy, I'm so with YOU!!! I'm 60 and feel the same way. I love the styles that Leslie posts, but just don't know that they would work for me. HELP!!! Zena Sue

  2. I'm 72! But even though some of the clothing shown is young and somewhat trendy, I think we can learn the basic principles that Leslie teaches--like today's article on how to dress to look thinner. Now, I really need that advice. We're celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with a big party, and I'm wanting to look both thinner and younger. . . so I've learned two things to help me do that today. I learned to dress in one color, and to get new bras to get those girls up! Also, maybe instead of "dressing our age" (as old) we should TRY some of the more young and trendy styles of today so that we can at least look a little less old! I'm not saying that we should try to look 40 years younger--only that maybe we can make the statement that we're still young at heart and vibrant. Yesterday while shopping, however, I did notice that there seems to be a lot less in my size from which to choose. I was looking for a sundress that would be cool in this heat--and came away with nothing! Maybe there's an online shop that has some stylish dresses? ? ?

  3. I am 60 and I always find that sticking with classic well-fitting clothes keeps me from looking matronly. Dressing for your shape and emphasizing your positive features also prevents older women from looking like they are trying too hard. Thanks to Leslie I'm VERY CLEAR on what looks are not for me. Her advice is refreshingly age-less and not dependent upon a large clothing budget!

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