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  1. I am pleased to hear you are going back to PDF formats. They will print up better. I love the site - this is my second subscription. I know when I joined the first time about 6 years ago, I learned a lot about what to do to make myself look and FEEL better. Thank you. My closet and drawers are taking shape more and more and I have been way more selective the past few years. I get loads of compliments. (Nice at my age of 64)

  1. I second the above, I can use PDFs better in my style lookbook. Thank you for changing back. Barb

  2. Thank you for going back to the pdfs. I have kept them in a file on my computer, I tag them with my own name for the ones that I know I will want to refer to again, and I do! PDFs make it so much easier to file and save them.

  3. I wasn't going to renew, but the PDFs convinced me to. Thanks, Leslie :O

  4. I second all the above comments, and thank you Bluegrass for that idea.

  5. Thanks ladies. It's all about helping you the best I can. I want you to enjoy the articles and use them how you see fit. You can bookmark them, download to your desktop or save on your iPad...

  6. Thanks for returning to PDFs!!

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