Thank You, Leslie!

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  1. I just received your e-mail saying that you will be going back to posting the Personal Profile articles and Shopping Guides in pdf format. Thank you so much for doing this! I look forward to being able to save these easily again to my computer and taking them with me when I go shopping.

  1. I'm so happy!!! I have been cutting and pasting into Word so I can add pages to my style journal. It has been a real pain in the neck. The pdf format will be much nicer. Thank you Leslie!! I love you and your mission!!

  2. Thank you so much Lesley. The change away from PDFs made me feel like I was being punished for someone else's crimes. A bit dramatic I know. But it really did sour me on the whole thing. This can't have been an easy decision for you and I completley understand why you did it, but please know going back is greatly appreciated. Love Karyn (Scotland) xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Thank you for going back to the PDFs. I truly appreciate it. I will be renewing my subscription next month (my birthday present to myself!)

  4. YES!!!!!! THANK YOU!

  5. I too am DELIGHTED that MSP is going back to the PDF format. Like several here, I had to C&P - and the photos *just wouldn't paste right*, so I'd have to "save as complete webpage* - big & limiting. Thank you for listening, Leslie! PS: Any chance that the few weeks of html articles will be redone into PDFs for a limited time, for folks to save?

  6. Absolutely!! The best decision you coulde make. It was driving me crazy to download the files and reformat my own PDFs. Many thanks.

  7. Yes! I really enjoy the PDFs, which I keep saved for future reference. Thank you!

  8. Thanks, Leslie! I really appreciate that you considered things from our end. I had just renewed my subscription before all the changes and after a few weeks with the new format to try adjusting myself to it, I'd almost made up my mind to cancel. I just didn't seem to be getting as much value and found it frustrating. So, happily, I'm back in the familiar swing of things and can keep on recommending you to people I meet.

  9. Yay! PDFs are back! Leslie, you are so wonderful to *listen* to your followers; it's soul-warming and made me so happy! I did understand your decision and would have lived with it -- but I'm so happy that PDFs are returning!

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you Leslie!!! I am so glad that you bring the PDFs back. Thank you for listening to our comments. My subscription is due to renew in a few months, and I was not sure whether to renew or not, because I hated the new format. But now I'm sure, I will renew. Each week I look forward to your articles and profile. Thank you for your great job!

  11. Thanks so much! Much prefer the PDF format. Thanks to all who spoke up about the change, I was just going to live with it but was not happy about it. And thanks to you for listening to them!

  12. Thank you so much for changing back to PDF...I had just learned to save articles to adobe??? and absolutely do not know how to cut n paste. I couldnt save the articles....thank you

  13. Leslie, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You no idea how great this news is to me. I always liked being able to easily print out the PDFs to take shopping with me and most importantly to be able to save them in my computer for future reference! I was so afraid you'd loose a lot of folks because of the loss of PDFs. Sounds like we all like having them back now! Thank you again for considering your Systers' needs!

  14. I will add my Thanks, as well. I just couldn't figure out how to save anything for the last few weeks. Returning to pdf format makes it easy peasy for me! Keep up the good work. Love love love all your style ideas!

  15. Ohhh yes, thank you so much. Now I can once again save them easily on my iPad and pore over them when we're on business trips. And I can go back to my "capsule dressing". I will always go back to that one when getting ready for a big trip. Actually that came out right AFTER our last big trip, and I realized I HAD DONE IT. I was so excited and it was the very best I've ever packed and I felt that I took some great outfits...and it all came right out of my closet !!! I knew then that I was learning from you...yay me !! I was trying to pack for that trip, pulling clothes out, and nothing was coming together. So, I put everything back in my closet, pulled out a jacket that I LOVE wearing and built several outfits around that using different colored jeans and scarves. Then I added a few things that looked great with the other pieces...and there it was...all packed!! So fun! Thank you. Deanna

  16. I love you are the BEST! It's all about you and I truly want to share my love of style. When this issue came up I was beside myself. After all the work on the website and things weren't right I was not happy. All is good and right w/ the world now. Ah, I love that :) Deanna...thanks for sharing that! You are a style-smart cookie :)

  17. TY Leslie for all you do! You're helping to dress the world well, one lady at a time ;) Like, VAharleygirl (Chesapeake here) I was wondering if the few weeks of html articles would be offered in pdf form? Thanks, Kathy

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