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  1. I've been wondering about my body type selection. I am signed up as a B but never felt I had the "hourglass" shape. In my teens, I felt my shape was less curvy. I have tried different body type calculators and my measurements seem to show a "rectangle" shape. I wondered how that translates to an A type on this website? The description is a little vague, so I'd love some other tips on how to identify an A type. This isn't an "apple" type body, is it? I know I am not bigger on top, as that type is usually described. I'd appreciate the help from anyone with some ideas. One calculator said that if your waist measurement was less than 9 in. from your bust/hips measure, you would be a "rectangle". Help!! :)

  1. I'm not an A myself, but from what I understand, if you're a "rectangle" you are definitely an A. Why not write to customer service, get them to change your profile, and try out some of the A recommendations to see how they look?

  2. Not a A either but if you feel like a rectangle you are likely an A. It is more of a ruler shape. Less definition on the waist but still some balance between shoulder/chest and hips. It isn't an apple either! Good Luck,

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