One of those moments

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  1. Summer has arrived at long last here in Germany and when I got dressed yesterday, I put on a pair of dark gray shorts and a navy/white print top. The odd thing was, even as I got dressed, I had the feelng that I was putting on two random pieces of clothing instead of an outfit. A little later I felt uncomfortable and looked down to see the top gapping a bit over the bust. I also finally acknowledged that this was the bra that always drove me nuts, because it probably just doesn't fit right. So I went into the bedroom, took both of them off and put them in the "wash then discard" pile, put on a new bra and a light blue t-shirt, added silver jewelry and felt great for the rest of the day!

  1. Yay, give yourself a "Go Me"! It's great when Leslie's styling tips sink in, isn't it?

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