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  1. I am so sorry to do this again to you. But I do think I am a type A.My bust is 30.5, waist is 24.5, abdomen is 30.5, hips 35.5, 17 thigh, 113.25 lbs, 5'1" tall. I would like to change back to type A to be able to see what styles you recommend for type A. Thank you. So sorry to be such a pain. I love your website. Having fun with clothes now!!

  1. While you are definitely tiny, based on your measurements you definitely are larger on the bottom half so from reading body type descriptions I'd say you are a C. MSP had a pay for service that identifies your body type for you that you could always use if you are still in doubt.

  2. Thank you so much for your response. I actually wear a 34B bra. Hips 35.5. Do you still think I would be type C? I did pay MSP to body type me and she thinks I am a typeB. I really appreciate all this feed back from you and MSP. I can't wait to start on my closest!

  3. I believe MSP categorizes at least in part by shoulder width. If the circumference of your shoulders is roughly the same as the circumference of your hips, that might give you more information? After that, I guess it might be a question of how much your waist differs. I thought I was a pear because I have saddlebags, but because my shoulders and hips are roughly the same, I am a B.

  4. Thank you pretty!

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