layering and the rounder body

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  1. I'm a C and have always avoided outfits with more than 2 layers ( not counting my outerwear coat). any hints on adding more layers without looking or feeling like a stuffed sausage? I have some vests. I may have a few blazers that would go over a sweater of even medium thickness but most of my blazers I would be unable to move my arms it I even got them on over a bulky sweater.

  1. What about instead of a blazer, you put on a button down shirt. I forget the name of that shirt that looks like a jean shirt but I'm doing something similar today with just a white button down shirt and I'm going to wear a long sleeve fitted stretchy shirt under it. Then, a jean jack and scarf over everything.

  2. I know what you mean! It might help to expand your definition of layers. Camis count as layers (especially if they're in a colour that contrasts whatever you put on over top). Even accessories like scarves, necklaces, and belts count. For example, today I'm wearing a white cami, a cream lacy button-down shirt (would look even better if the cami were in a contrast colour to make the lace "pop"), and a denim a necklace. That's three or four layers, depending on how you count, and it's still not bulky or constricting.

  3. I love the look of a button down shirt and sweater under a blazer but I don't feel good in it, just to bulky. I also find that unless I am outside I get too hot in it too. Third thing is I don't want to hide my body. I wear lots of blazers and jackets. I like a tank top (contrast or complimentary colour) with a button down only buttoned part way (show the tank) and then a jacke/blazer. I leave the shirt untucked most of the time. On the top is a scarf or statement necklace. On Saturday I wore an outfit I copied from a store window! jeans (dark wash skinny) in brown boots, denim (chambray) shirt with colourful striped pattern sweater on top, cuffs were rolled up and collar undone at top. Cuffs were a different colour when rolled which added the look of another layer without any extra. I think a solid colour scarf would have looked great but I did a simple necklace and earrings. Layering has to be to a level you are comfortable with, the key is to insure that each layer is light fabric. Bulky sweaters are a top layer, they just don't fit under blazers. Good Luck.

  4. Here's a related question: how do you layer in a colder climate without looking huge? I too have a rounder body (C), and in the winter I live in bulky sweaters. I try to be strategic with belts and pick figure-flattering sweaters, but that only goes so far. A lot of the advice on layering seems to be meant for milder climates. Thin sweaters over chambray shirts just don't do the trick, unless maybe they're REALLY thin and I can get a blazer (or another sweater?!) on top. Puffer vests might help, but they don't work in my corporate setting. Hmmm.

  5. thanks, I'll post again if I try it.

  6. I'm lucky living in Australia as we don't get the extreme cold of most of you, unless we make the effort to head inland and up the mountains. Having no defined waist I struggle with layering even then. Sometimes I think I get it pretty right, other times not so much. Just letting you know you're not alone :)

  7. C here, layering is not my best friend. I live in Florida, so problem solved. I do miss the feel of a comfy sweater on a cold day! I am hoping to have a few cold days this winter so I can wear some of my sweaters. 84 today.

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