"D" Suit ideas and Where to Shop

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  1. I love MSP, but she doesn't really give ideas for suits for my body type. I work in a very professional environment, but sometimes sweaters and slacks are just too informal to wear. I need to wear flats or kitten heels because I do a lot of walking (I work in a school). Can anyone point me in a direction where it will be easy to find suits and blouses? Thanks!

  1. MSP's article on Figure-Fixing Jackets, 16 October, included advice for D-type figures. Examples of jackets by Calvin Klein, Tahari and Kasper. Fitted jackets, waist-length or three-quarter. Skirts or trousers (pants)should be plain style. Dillards and Boston Store were quoted. Best wishes for your shopping.

  2. Try Talbots as well. They have decent quality, great sales and virtually everything comes in sizes from 0P to 24W, including Women's Petite. I'm just over Petite height (5' 5"), don't wear it in anything else but the Petite has saved me loads on alterations in jackets and coats. They have tons every season. A couple blazers in a tweed or other mixed color palate can go far to make lots of professional looking outfits. All their suits are purchased in pieces, so if you need a bigger jacket and smaller skirt/trouser, you're in luck.

  3. Oh, and if you really want to splurge, Lafayette 148 carries plus and their stuff is to die for! $600+/- for a jacket, $300 for trousers or skirt. Classics, will last for a decade or more.

  4. Thanks, Natasha and Fuzz!

  5. I recently discovered Hotter shoes online. They are cute, classic, stylish, and have many heel choices. Just Hotter.com. I am a C, and really like the way a moto jacket looks on me. You can find some that are rather dressy.

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