Can You be mroe than 1 body type?

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  1. Hi everyone- I'm new here and while I went with the type E body type I'm wondering if I can be a cross between two. You see. I have about 40 pounds I need to shed. It's mostly in my mid section but when I'm thinner I don't have the qualities of an E. I'm also a bit confused with "Plus Size" Size 12 isn't really plus size. ? thanks Michelle

  1. Hi Michelle, A lot of people need to change their profile to a different body type and MSP allows this. You just need to email customer service to request it when the time comes. I nominated the E type because none of the others really describes me, even if I lose weight I'm still best described there. A number of Es become Bs.

  2. If you're not sure you picked the right body type to begin with, why not contact customer service and let them help you figure it out? I imagine they get questions like that all the time...

  3. Thanks Lisa and Wonderer. I have a lot of belly fat but my legs are pretty nice :-) The E was the only one to describe it. Upon reading some of the material and trying on some clothes, it appears the advice for the E's actually flatters my shape. i'll just stick with it for now and if/when I lose weight I'll switch.

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