Black Tie Wedding questions

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  1. We will be going to a "black tie preferred" family wedding in August. I am wondering if pantyhose are necessary or required? Specifically for an over 45 aged woman? What about for teenage girls? How do you know if the dress is dressy enough? I chose a cocktail length dress, but I am second guessing myself now!

  1. I also am in a similar quandry. My first cousin is getting married at the end of September in Aspen, CO. This month has highs in 60's and lows in 40's - it's an outdoor wedding that starts at 5 pm. The gentlemen guests will be wearing black tuxes. I am a B, 45, with my curves at my middle. WHAT WOULD LOOK GOOD BESIDES A TUX THAT I CAN WEAR THEN? I live in NC and have nothing that I feel is suitable. I would like to find something that would look appropriate that I could be able to use again! I need style help! I don't know if this is the right place to ask my question either! : )

  2. 2 years ago, my niece got married at Crested Butte, Co. in the middle of October at 10,000 feet elevation. It was a gorgeous day with the high in the 70's and sunny and the sky soo blue as only Colorado seems to have! The wedding was outside at 4, I think. When we got that high up, it was chilly, but the view and the wedding was gorgeous with the mountains and Aspens at their prime, I think a dress or a dressy pantsuit would be nice. I saw lots of boots, but it was not black-tie, so I don't think they would be good for your wedding I would take a coat, maybe even a winter coat as the week after she got married, it snowed 20 inches and they were skiing!! I would also advise you to drink lots and lots of water and to take chapstick as the elevation dries you out tremendously. Have fun and enjoy your trip. We all thought it was the best wedding ever!!!

  3. Nobody wears pantyhose in Florida. But up North, every lady should wear them. When choosing, think, would I wear this to meet James Bond at a black tie event? (or William and Kate, or your Congressman, or...) A dressy suit might have more mileage than a dress, but I would want a dress. Top it off with a black trenchcoat with a fuzzy liner.

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