Maxi Dress for Work?

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  1. I LOVE my maxi dresses! I haven't worn them to work yet, and am wondering if this is appropriate. I have to dress business casual with covered shoulders, so if I wore them, I'd have to wear them with a blazer/sweater. HELP! Is this the right look?

  1. Of course you can! Just make sure you're properly covered up top. Wear a cami or shirt underneath if necessary. Also, make sure your accessories are classic and not too funky and you should be fine for a business casual environment.

  2. I teach kindergarten. I am MUCH more comfortable wearing long dresses and skirts as I am up and down on the floor and sitting in itty bitty chairs. My rule of thumb for skirts and dresses for work is they have to have pockets, be at least an A line or the skirt portion have lots of material and the length has to be to the calf or longer so I don't have to worry about being so careful sitting cross legged on the carpet, stooping down, and getting back up from any low area. I realize this may not be the best look for me style wise, but my kiddies don't care. And, much better than them chanting, "I see London, I see France..." I think the maxi dresses are adorable with the short empire shrugs but, that might be too casual for an office. I wear very comfortable 'mary jane' shoes or walking sandals for work, but a maxi can look much more dressed up with a different shoe since you won't be running around the gym or playground like me ;)

  3. I agree, go for it.

  4. I think it is ok too. I find though that maxi's look best with a flat sandal, or casual wedge. Sometimes I find I trip over the hem though LOL, and get tired of lifting up the skirt to go upstairs, etc. I love them too though. Such a great look!

  5. I love my maxi dresses too. It is important to support them with properly fitting undergarments. Without a supportive bra to keep the sisters up and a slip to keep the skirt flowing nicely around your body maxi dresses (especially the knits) can make you look like you are wearing a nightgown. With the right stuff underneath they are fabulous!

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