Determining who is my body double?

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  1. I am sure many of us are having a problem figuring out who could be our celebrity body double. If anyone out there is good at seeing beyond the beautiful face and clothes I would love to see a list by body type to narrow down the search. So far I have come up with A Victoria Beckham B Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston

  1. I think one of the B's was Denise... (used to be married to Charlie Sheen). One of the C's is Eva Mendes. And the two of the E's are Queen Latifa and Melissa McCarthy. other than that I'm not up on celebs enough to know who the rest of them are!

  2. Type in celebrity body types in a google search then click on images. Lots come up on it. ~Gwen

  3. MSP "A" Body type is an inverted triangle. Famous Inverted Triangles: Reneé Zellweger, Naomi Campbell, Teri Hatcher, Demi Moore, Giselle Bundchen, Lily Donaldson, Cindy Crawford HTH ~Gwen

  4. Thanks for the good hint. Google search was fun and enlightening. I'm a B so I focussed on that. Scarlett Johannson, Jessica Simpson, Denise Richards (suggested above too), Kate Winslet, Salma Hayek. I really connected with Kate Winslet, we even gain weight the same way on our bodies. So much fun!

  5. I didn't really know any of my C types in the MSP profile article.

  6. By the way if you are a D Fashion of Glee has many photos of Amber Riley in costume and at awards shows and some in street clothes. It is easily searchable.

  7. Jhisrich, the Cs included Jennifer Aniston but when I look at other pictures I don't know if she belongs there. Kim Kardashian was included in the last picture. She matches the description of a C on MSP. I looked for some other Cs that you could look at. Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes, Kristen Davis, Mischa Barton, America Ferrara.

  8. I appreciate the list above for the "B"s... I googled "actresses 5'3 and it brought up many...they were all dressed in one color,no boring...but they looked fantastic !..guess I will cut "blocking"...go monotones from top to toe and play with accessories watching the quandrants...WOW I feel I am learning here : D

  9. thanks CatherineK I think that last part of the list (Jlo on) will be most helpful. I don't have half enough talent and strength to dress like Beyoncé.

  10. I missed the article. What actresses were E type?

  11. Melissa McCarthy was one mentioned. I should think Camryn Manheim would be another and I could relate to her because she's taller. I've forgotten the other MSP mentioned, and I'm a fellow E!

  12. I found this very helpful for looking at jacket lengths and styles. Despite what I said about lacking what it takes to be Beyoncé she had a lot of helpful photos(especially if you want to know how to break the rules - bright bottom? wear an even brighter top). The more famous, recognizable stars are the most helpful because you get those shots of them walking the dog or taking their kids around in more normal clothes, not just red carpet dresses.

  13. BTW Queen Latifa was one of the other E types

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