Pear shaped with large breast, what body type?

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  1. I can't figure out if I'm a B or a C. If anyone knows about this please share. I've always been a typically pear shaped body type C cute curves. Now I've done a breast enlargement to balance my body so my hips and upper body have about the same measurements. My waist is small and my shoulders are small too, so my question is if I should see my self now as a body type B beautiful me? I have a hard time finding clothes that flatter my new figure, I guess it take some time to learn how to dress and a lot of my old clothes make me look a bit heavy. I want to dress classy and even though I now have breast implants I don't want it to be obvious or draw extra attention to that area. I did it to look more feminin and to balance my curves, so I'm courious if I'm still a C since my shoulders are narrow, or if I might be a B.

  1. Your best bet might be to send in your pictures and get Leslie to determine the type. I am guessing B based on your description. you sound like an hour glass to me! Either way you are beautiful! Good Luck.

  2. Thank you Beautiful that is so sweet! I was mostly curious if body type B is based on the hip-waist-bust ratio or hip-waist-shoulder ratio. I can't really figure that out reading about the different body types. I've always been a typical C no doubt about that, still look like one from behind since I've got really narrow shoulders. I always had size 2 in shirts and 6 in pants. Now I have to get larger shirts, but they are a bit too wide over my shoulders though, so I was thinking that maybe I should try thinking in a different way shopping now. That maybe I should stop seeing myself as a C? What I've heard from most stylists is that the hourglass figure is based on the shoulder width (not the chest) and I wanted to know if this is the same here?

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