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  1. Body type C I signed up for this help back in January. Since then, I've been trying to redevelop my sense of style and purge my closet. I've been reading about how to dress for a C body type and reevaluating my clothes that I own. I have been making some major mistakes. First, I'm short, 5'2" but, I love longer dresses and skirts. Following the 'right around the knee' rule, I realized most of my dresses and skirts hit at the wrong spot which makes my size 14-16 look that much bigger and dumpier. Also, I had been doing things backwards...buying printed skirts and capri's and solid color t-shirts or sweaters thinking that would hide my wide hips and fat middle. A few weeks ago, I purged my closet. I kept only the skirts that were solids and a few of my favorite printed skirts. These, skirts, however, I'm making sure I wear jewelry to sort of balance out the top half of my body...and I only kept the skirts with the dark backgrounds. I got rid of all my dresses except for one. It is a maxi with an empire waist, sleeveless, scoop neck and beading around the neckline. I had bought it online last summer for my high school reunion. I do not remember if I had read a MSP article about that style or not as it was not something I'd normally pick out. But, it has become my favorite dress. The other day, when I read the article about Leslie's blue dress from The Loft, that she wore on her trip out west I decided to buy it. Of course the only color left was red, but I can wear that color. It came today, I tried it on, and it fits and looks perfect! Just like my maxi dress from last summer! WOW! I'm shocked! Also, back in the winter, I attended a funeral service and needed something for cooler weather. I had a maxi long black velveteen A-line skirt, but I wanted a pretty sweater of another color to wear with it and a black velveteen drape. I walked into a Goody's store in that town, and, using what I had learned from this website, found a dark turquoise sweater that fell just above the hip line, had three quarter length sleeves with same color buttons on the cuffs, and a boat cowl collar with three buttons on one side. It looked nice without the drape for the inside part of the service, and the drape was perfect for the outdoor part of the service. It has also become one of my favorite sweaters. It has been wonderful to find items that look good on me 'straight off the rack' or, to start working on capri's and bermuda shorts that are solid colors. I'm still wearing my printed capri's...but I'm making sure I wear some sort of clunky necklace or earrings which helps balance the 'bottom heavyness' and, I'm making sure the t-shirts I wear don't fall at the widest part of my hips. It really does make a difference. THANKS!!

  1. Score! Isn't it great to find pieces that work for you? Congrats on learning and using Leslie's advice.

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