HELP! D - A night out with girls

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  1. I would like to have some good advice what to wear for a night out with the girls. I have body type D and I only have casual clothes - I need some help, pictures! What would you wear=

  1. Where are you going? The plans would impact what I would wear.

  2. Agreed! Also, do you prefer pants or skirts?

  3. We will start with some wine at the office (consultant firm in city) and then go out dancing. I prefer skirt or dress - but pants is ok... I could do that too... I just never go out nowadays...

  4. Okay, you can do this! Have a look back through MSP's last four shopping guides for your body type to see the style of dresses she recommends. Any dress that's about knee-length would be a good starting point for an outfit. Look for a "little basic dress" in a solid colour -- that way you can use it again because it's versatile. (Or go for a skirt and a dressy top, if separates are easier to find.) Since you're starting at the office, pick a dress with more coverage, or put a fancy cardigan or blazer over top. Once you have a dress, bling it up with one fancy piece of jewellery, dressy shoes, and a clutch. Does that help?

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