Need styles for 70 year old women

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  1. I love all your style photos and you do have plus size models now, but I'm a 207 lb 70 year old woman, and I can't see myself in any of the styles you show. Can you do more styles for us mature clients?

  1. Age and weight are not that important. What is important is your body shape. Every week there are great suggestions you can adapt if you like them. Of course some styles are too young even for a woman who is 50 but the general idea is to look as good as possible without looking silly or frumpy. The cut of a garment and flattering color can do wonders no matter how old you are!

  2. PS, Do get your colors done. That way you will only wear colors that are good on you and you won't waste money on clothes you never wear. Also, the article about bras is a must and the one about hair styles is written for women of all ages. Good luck.

  3. Hello nbrazil, I know it can be a little daunting just starting out, but it is fun too. I agree with all lilyapril's suggestions. Do you know what your body type is? Probably the easiest way to start would be with a pair of pants in a style and color that are good for you, and add a tee shirt or tank in the same color to establish the monochromatic look Leslie talks about. Then you could add a sweater, over blouse, or jacket in a contrasting color or print (again, one in a style that is good for your body type). The finishing touches are your shoes (a pair of flats or low heels, if you can wear them), and accessories, maybe a pretty pair of earrings, and a fun bracelet or pin (I love pins!). I'm new to this myself, but am planning a shopping trip this week. If I have any luck, I will post some pictures. Perhaps we could start a thread for older, elegant ladies (I'm almost 55 and am a body type E)! Good luck!

  4. Funny, I find some of the styles too "old" for my tastes (I'm 34). But Lily is right -- the important thing is to learn how to adapt the specific suggestions to your needs and preferences. For example, I'm a C (pear shape) and all of the suggestions in my style articles are geared towards balancing out my larger hips/thighs/bottom in different ways. Even if I don't like all of the specific pieces shown, I can still use the principles when I go shopping, and it helps to see the variety of examples week after week. Good luck to both of you!

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