Choosing neutrals

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  1. I am slowly starting to understand things that Leslie writes about. I have recently been thinking about the idea of a wardrobe plan and trying to remember what she said about choosing specific neutrals for my wardrobe. Does anyone remember how many neutrals she said to choose to base one's wardrobe on?

  1. I went back over some past articles, and this is one thing she had mentioned: "A color coordinated wardrobe will have: 1 main color 2-3 secondary colors (these colors complement the main color) 2 neutrals; Include black and white (or other dark neutral and off-white or cream) for the most mix and match potential" So, two neutrals from your seasonal palette (light and dark), plus a signature color that you love, along with 2-3 complementary colors.

  2. I believe most will suggest black or gray, depending on coloring; navy works well; and a tan/beige that is suitable for your coloring. Having some combination of those 4 has always worked for me; and when buying tops, which 2-4 of those bottom-colors will it go with, before coming home in the bag.

  3. Cindy, I think the you mentioned is the one I have been looking for on my saved files. Would you please give me the date and/or the title? Thanks!

  4. agreiser54, the date was Feb. 11, 2010, and the title was Discover Your Signature Color. There is another one from Feb. 10, 2011, which is titled Choosing Your Wardrobe Colors, which is similar but has more info on choosing based on your seasonal colors.

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