Boyd Type B Best Jeans!

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  1. I'm trying to find that great fitting jean and to no avail! Have any of you body type "B"s found a great fitting jean? I'd love to hear!

  1. Yes, Not Your Daughters Jeans make several different jeans that look good. They are expensive but seem to hold up well. It is a good idea to try on all in your size as the cut varies.

  2. Great - will give them a try!

  3. What's the main issue with the jeans your finding? I have an issue with them having a small gap at the back. I fix them with some elastic and a zigzag on my machine in 10 minute. Here's a youtube video for you. If that's not your issue please do tell? ~Gwen

  4. Hi! Like Gwen, I wonder what your main issue is? Also - wht is your budget for one pair of jeans? Do you need a regular/tall or petite fit. Happy shopping - I'll have some suggestions depending on your answers. Colleen

  5. I am not who this reply was for. However; I am a B body a petite any suggestions? I would like to stay under 100.00 way under if possible.

  6. jmazzell - I just bought a pair of Style & Co grey jeans at Macy's that fit me great, and they were very inexpensive (especially if you have a coupon). Other than that, the problem I always have with jeans is they are cut to low and I get muffin top, even if they fit well. I need a higher waist than most companys are making these days.

  7. I am a petite B and wear a size 10 jean called Mandie made by Bandolino. They are the only jeans that fit me well. No gap in the back. It took me a long time to find them, but now I have them in many colors and just love them. I also found that I could wear the same Bandolino in Misses size if the color I want isn't in Petite. But I do have to take them up as they are too long. However, MSP has a terrific guide for shortening jeans and still being able to keep the original hem. Hope this helps. Oh, price-wise, they are under $50 and are usually on sale for quite a bit less.

  8. I have a pair of the Bandolino jeans and love them, (I am a C) but I can't find them anymore. Where did you get yours?

  9. I'm a petite B and love the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, available at the BonTon / Herbergers chain here in Mn. They come in two lengths: petite short or petite average. They're about $45, full price. I stock up when they go on sale for about $20. Barbara

  10. I love the Ann Taylor Curvy skinny jeans. I have a defined waist but don't like lower cut jeans because they sit on my c-section scars. The AT ones are cut just high enough in the waist and are very flattering. They're usually $80 but they very frequently have sales and you can get them for half off. My other favorites are ponte Calvin Klein jeans I bought at Costco, of all places, for $19 each. They are as comfortable as yoga pants yet very flattering and came in fun colors like dark olive and burgundy.

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