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  1. I know I am in the minority, but I am always cold, very cold. This is a real dilemma when it comes to dressing cute in the summer. Restaurants, grocery stores, other people's homes....I am never warm enough. Do any of you have any tips or ideas?

  1. Perhaps buying a couple of those long shawls/scarfs (I am not quite sure what the right word is) is a good idea. You can wrap them around your shoulders and they look elegant and beautiful, and they are warm as well.

  2. @jodibuhay, I deal with the same as you when it comes to inside temperatures often being at a setting that is much colder than what my body prefers. I try to remember that when I am tempted to wear/buy something sleeveless which would be comfortable outside but miserable when I get inside. I often wear some type of light top or jacket with sleeves that won't be too uncomfortable outside. I also try to remember to keep just a light shawl in my purse that I can grab when I get cold. I have several colors in light weight fabric. I also noticed the square scarf MSP took on her trip to CA. that is tied at the corners to make sleeves and worn like a shawl. I would like to find one in a shawl that doesn't wrinkle that I could keep in my purse because it often looks back due due to the wrinkles but when I am so cold, I drape it around me anyway. If anyone can suggest a shawl that wouldn't wrinkle please let me know. I saw a woman several years ago pull out a beautiful gray shawl from her purse because the room was freezing. It was not wrinkled and looked great. She said she got it at Dillard's but when I went to look the next week, they no longer carried them.

  3. I'm curious as to whether or not you've ever had your thyroid checked. My daughter was always colder than everyone else, inside and out. She found out her thyroid was out of whack and once she started on medicine, the problem pretty much went away. Just a thought.

  4. Unless I'm exercising, I find I prefer temps to be about 82-85 F, which is much warmer than anyplace air conditioned near me. Layers are my friend. Sleeveless tank in my living room or yard; if I have to put on the A/C so my fuzzbutts don't heatstroke, I'll throw a button-down shirt over it, usually open. I'll take it or something like it if I'm going to have to be in A/C for any length of time, even if I'm carrying it in transit. And if I know from experience that someplace I'm going will be COLD!!! I'll carry another layer. It can be a pain, but not worse than carrying an umbrella or raincoat, and better than shivering.

  5. I am ALWAYS cold too. I keep a neutral light sweater in every vehicle in case I forget one that actually matches. I always say, it's summer, we aren't supposed to be freezing, why do people put the air on that low!

  6. I am always too hot. Believe me, it is worse! Grandma taught us to carry a white cardigan in the car just like Deanna. Here in Florida you bake outside but freeze in the stores.

  7. One reason I prefer 3/4 sleeves is that the backs of my arms get cold first. I wear them year around especially when I know I will be in AC. Drinking something hot also helps to warm me up. I am o.k. if I am moving around. P.S. The 3/4 sleeves also cover up these 65 year old arms!! LOL

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