Layering dresses

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  1. I just learned to do this from another website: Layer a shirt dress over a sheath dress. Also, she showed different ways to wear jewelry, one was as a belt.


  1. HelenChristine, This is a good example of how a dress can be layered. Thanks for sharing. Here is a picture I took of a sundress I wore last year as we were changing from summer into fall. It's a coral colored sundress. As the weather cooled I added a lightweight chocolate brown sweater over the dress. The thin belt helps complete the look. I showed this in the Personal Profiles in Sept. last year (I think). Hope it helps! Love, Leslie MSP


  2. Very pretty! I like it better than the open shirt dress, it's more slimming! Thanks.

  3. Well, it was too hot to try it with a sweater, but I tried it with a top. I'm not sure if it came out well or not. What do you think?


  4. Love it! Yeah, I wouldn't dare try a sweater anything right now! It's sooo hot here. I think you look fabulous. If you have a longer baggy tee or a button-down shirt (short-sleeved of course) and tie the shirt at the waist. Like this....


  5. I've been in the B body type, but I'm thinking I should be an E for now as I am 30 lbs overweight and the tops that emphasize my waist aren't looking that great on me. What do you think? I feel better in empire waist tops and dresses right now. My waist is still 10" smaller than my hips and shoulders, but my stomach is pretty large and hard to hide.

  6. Wow, that is so cool! Necklace as a belt! You are so inventive! I never would have thought of that.

  7. HelenChristine, I' ve been wondering the same thing. I'm supposedly a B, but I'm built like an E. I'm notmin plus sizes yet. I can't wear those "b" tops and dresses! My tummy is too big! Maybe we need a new catagory?

  8. I asked them to change me to an E body type and they did. I'll see if the tops are better for me or not. I sent my picture to Imogen Lampert on Inside and she told me to stick to empire waist tops and dresses because of my tummy. I wear a size 14-16, so I'm not THAT overweight, but enough that my tummy is making trouble for me. I'm definately happy with wearing straight pants, pencil skirts and ending skirts and dresses at the knee... it's only the tops that have me upset. Why don't you have them change you to an E too and see if it's better for you? You can always change back to a B if it doesn't work out.

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