What to Wear under a Skirt

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  1. I understand that hosiery is not an option (and I really am glad about that), but wearing a skirt without hose can be uncomfortable because of thighs rubbing together. Can anyone suggest a comfortable option - especially for the summer when it is hot? Thank you for any suggestions.

  1. There was an earlier thread that covered this same question. There are several ideas that help. You can use powder, such as Gold Bond or other specialty chafing powder. Some people use antiperspirant rubbed on the thighs. Then there are bike shorts or pettipants (cooler in my opinion than the bike shorts).

  2. Could someone explain why hosiery is not an option? I've never understood this. Not everyone has lovely legs that look good bare. And bare feet in pumps - ugh! What's wrong with hosiery?

  3. I understand it's just not in style right now, but Leslie says to go ahead and wear them if you really want to. It's all about doing what's best for you.

  4. Thanks Helen - I know that no one wants to see pasty white legs where the only color is from broken veins and birth marks! :D

  5. ...about the no pantyhose issue....I too have horribly broken veins and typically paste white legs...this past Easter I went and had my legs spray tanned! Actually I had my WHOLE body spray tanned. It's the best I have felt about my legs in years, except I'm happy right now because, we just got home from the beach! I would recommend spray tanning your legs to anyone. I would forgo the whole body part though. I felt like a Oompalumpa. My daughter assured me that I didn't but for me, head to toe tan was a bit overkill. And yes, I had to put up with that funky chemical smell you get from sunless tanning lotions for about 24 hours. It lasted on my legs nearly 3 weeks. On the third week I was starting to look spotted in places so I used some of my own self tanning lotion and that helped to the end. Also, I didn't scrub my legs harshly with the wash cloth or scrubby and I patted my skin dry instead of rubbing it harshly with my towel. I was all ready to go back and do it again but when I told the girl at the salon about being splotchy she said that I had to wait until it completely wore off or the old spray tan would only be darker after a second time but the the parts that had worn off would look new and my splotchiness would only be intensified. Also back last Christmas, I used Sally Hansen's mousse foam spray leg makeup and really liked it too. My husband's company is one of the very few companies in Cincinnati that still put on a fantastic Christmas party where the men wear tuxedos and the women formal dresses. However since the median age there is 35(we are 52) most women are NOT modestly dressed to say the least so a lot of legs are exposed. Sally's foam tan made me feel unashamed and/or not out of date that wearing pantyhose or a long dress would have left me feeling. I think the Rand McNally legs of the world should unite!!! Ask friends what THEY do...you'd be amazed at what THEY think is wrong on their bodies. I got these two tips from a red headed friend who had gorgeous shaped legs but hates the freckles....who knew?!?!

  6. Thank you ALL for the replies. I know have a couple of things to try. Thank you for your help.

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