Tummy Bulge

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  1. I would love to have some ideas for dressing stylishly for a small C body type with a tummy bulge.

  1. Hey, I'm a C with a tummy bulge too! :-) I have a variety of strategies... Wear mid-rise pants so the waistband covers your tummy, at least in part, rather than letting it bulge out over top (don't do high-rise because your butt will look bigger). Wear skirts, because those tend to hit at the natural waist and skim right over your tummy. On your top half, try blazers, other structured tops (such as princess-cut blouses), slightly thicker or stiffer materials, or patterns such as florals or stripes. You could also try tunic tops (over slim-fit pants) belted at your natural waist, but make sure there's a wide neckline to balance out your hips. I've never had much luck with blouson, empire-waist, or wrap styles, but MSP recommends them for C's, so maybe you will. Oh, and don't underestimate the power of standing up straight with your shoulders back -- try it and watch that bulge disappear! ;-)

  2. Hi, I'm a C with a tummy bulge also. Pants and skirts with a wider waistband help a lot and they are comfortable. Also, I have had luck with a faux-wrap top that skims over my torso. Ruched waist tops & dresses work also.

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