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  1. I'm new to msp and have found nothing yet about different ways of wearing scarves that will enhance my body type.

  1. Scarves highlight your best feature. Being your face. It's about drawing the eye up to your face. Like a statement necklace. In the 'what I wore today thread'. I posted 3 different links to videos on how to wear scarves. One is for a Pirose scarf which is dry easy to wear. Others are for a cute way to wear a scarf by braiding it. This can be done with a thicker rectangle OS skinny rectangle or oval. The 3rd video showed 25 ways scarves. Love those videos.

    If you aren't used to wearing scarves, I am still awkward, it may feel awkward for awhile and feel it's not flattering. However I get lots of comments on what pretty colors, how the color makes my hair look richer, or it brings a nice glow to my skin or how did I tie the scarf. I still feel like it's not flattering because I am not comfortable. But the comments I am getting says that I am choosing well. Give yourself time to get used to wearing your scarves. Biggest thing I can suggest...chose your colors well. It needs to compliment your coloring. Then how you wear it won't really matter.

  2. mommy4ever, I love the videos, especially the one on braiding and the one on the pirose scarf. I really want to get a pirose's amazing all the ways you can wear it! I love scarves. I was shopping about 4 years ago at Maurice's. I tried on something and the salesperson said, let me show you this scarf to wear with it. I said, I don't wear scarves. Well, that was the first one I bought...then the hunt was on. Here are the sites for the scarf videos from mommy4ever: Pirose scarf: Braid a scarf: 25 ways:

  3. Yes the Pirose is very unique. I looked for a retailer and found the scarves locally. Not all but at least 1/2 the styles. Here is how I am wearing mine today


  4. Ok. New device...let's try that ahain


  5. Not sure


  6. last try. From the computer now.


  7.  photo scarf_zps7bf054e2.jpeg

    Where there's a will, there's a way. I have just gathered the scarf together, I used a little ouchless elastic to hold it together and added the flower clip.

  8. mommy4ever, it looks great. I couldn't open your link on the Pirose cosy.

  9. Deanna I meant to post here but put it into blazer thread. The link works now.

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