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  1. Hi. I just signed up, and am having trouble getting started. Is there a FAQ page I can consult? I would like to read the blogs now that I have made my bundle purchase, but cannot see how to do that. Also, my 16 year old daughter is trying to make a bundle purchase as well (different colors/body type than me), but the site will not let her (says "only one bundle per cart", but the cart is empty, and this is HER purchase, not mine, and a new account as well - but we do share a computer). Please help! Thanks!

  1. Hi Donna, welcome!! Try having your daughter go to options and clear your history and cookies. That should help. It takes little bit for your profile to show up. It doesn't happen instantly, but it should be available to you today. Welcome!!!

  2. Thank you! Also, does anyone know why I can't send my photos for color analysis? It says incorrect file type (we are sending .jpg). Thanks again!

  3. incorrect file type or file too large? If you can't get it figured out, start a ticket, and they will get back to you, maybe they can give you an email to send it to. I didn't have any issues submitting photos, but I did have to shrink them down.

  4. Thanks again! And, my daughter was now able to order and set up an account, so we are all set with that.

  5. Welcome, Donna! Did you find the style articles? See mommy4ever's instructions here:

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