Can´t open weekly guide

Started 8 years ago. There are 2 replies by 2 different members. The latest reply was from sweetbutterfly.
  1. Hi everyone, this week I couldn´t open the PP Shopping Guide and the weekly style article. It always says "website not available). When I enter my personal profile site, the pictures that are normaly there, don´t open, there are only little squares. And I don´t have pictures in the forum either. When I enter other websites, there is no problem. Anyone else experienced the same?

  1. It's a long shot, but it might be a compatibility issue (Microsoft did an update on explorer lately, and it's caused gremlins!) 1. Open Internet Explorer. Bring up 2. Under the address bar there should be six titles – File; Edit; View; Favourite; Tools; Help. If these are not visible, Press the Alt key to display the Menu bar (or right-click the Address bar and then select Menu bar). 3. Click Tools, and then click Compatibility View settings. 4. Click the Add button to add to the compatibility list. Worth a shot x

  2. I was gone for a while and when I came back everythings worked just fine! But thanks anyway @mintygreensleeves!

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