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  1. I just read MSP's blog entry for yesterday. Oh, Lol! If you haven't read it do so now. My new dog will love the shirt! She won't have to walk! She will be thrilled!

  1. Yes, that was great! Congrats on the new dog...what kind is she?

  2. Thank you! She is a Cairn Terrier mix. A bit paler and daintier than the purebred, cute as a button. She doesn't fit our deceased Cairn's clothes, not that she needs them. (Toddler racerback tanks work well.) A couch potato inside...but open the door, she runs out and immediately begins hunting rabbits. I am afraid the bunnies have had to move to the neighbors' yards.

  3. And the shoes with the elongated toe box! Just what some of us are looking for :) She had me going there for a minute--great laughing start for the day!

  4. She sounds like quite the character. :-) Linda, I agree...things that make us laugh are always good!

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