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  1. Ok, so I know at some point this week or last we received an email shot about updating our hairstyles - some of you have already posted pictures of new dos which look fantastic. I'm a bit stuck on what to do with mine, and rarely get any constructive advice from my hairdresser, who just wants to be told what to do. What would you gals do with this mop?


  1. You have beautiful hair and the length is good for days when you just want to pull it back for a casual look. Picking a new hairstyle means you also need to be willing to take the time to style it unless of course you are one of these blessed people who's hair just falls in place. I always read that celebreties have the most current hair styles. Are there any you find appealing? If so, take a picture with you at your next appointment and ask your hairdresser if you have the right texture to pull it off without too much trouble.

  2. Thanks Anna :) It just feels a bit heavy and frumpy you know, so I was thinking of taking it to chin level, and was hoping it would slim my face up a little bit - you can't tell from that picture because i'm pulling a daft face, but I have quite a square jaw with round little cheeks, so always trying to contour that bad boy

  3. I like your 'do.

  4. I would leave it like it's lovely. If it's feeling heavy, you might have it layered just a little. But don't forget it's long enough like it is to just pull it back in a ponytail if you need/want to.

  5. I like this way. My hair looks about the same length and wavy. You can do a lot with this length. Keep it!

  6. Thanks everyone for the really kind comments..guess i'm keeping the hair then! lol! Ikhomichuk....what sort of things do you do with your hair? I only ever just wear in down, when it feels heavy, or scrape the front back into a half pony tail for work...which looks neat, but a bit rubbish.

  7. Check out the hair tutorials on the "The Small Things" blog. Kate, the blogger, has hair just slightly longer than yours, and she shows lots of ways to wear it. They are really cute.

  8. Thank you - that tutorial looks amazing!! Some of the styles don't look too hard either!

  9. Thank you - that tutorial looks amazing!! Some of the styles don't look too hard either!

  10. Twists and braids work well for quick and easy hair. My new hairstyle I recently discovered (elegant and easy)- Divide your hair in three sections on bottom. Braid each one separately and tie with clear elastic band. Then take right braid move across to left and pin with bobby pins. Then left braid move across to right and pin. Lastly, take the middle braid and move upward and tuck in and pin. Add as many pins as you need to secure the up-do. I received many complements on this hairstyle. I use Curl Keeper as my number one product. I went through many because as you know its hard to find the right stuff for wavy hair. I added a few pictures on how I style my hair for quick and cute look. (and the product I use after shower and air dry)


  11. I have very curly hair, and the only thing that really can change is length. I'm not about to straighten it daily. I am a little envious of your hair. My 2 youngest girls have similar hair and there is SO much fun stuff you can do with it. I highly recommend so many ideas to do with braids and twists. Not all are suitable for an adult, but with a little variation, you can make it work. Love it! BTW, your hair is gorgeous.

  12. I have a little different take than some others here. I have short hair, so have to get it cut fairly often (every 5 to 6 weeks). Finding the right hairdresser is key. I would suggest that you find another one who will listen to you and is willing to make suggestions. You may have to shop around a little, and pay a little more than you are used to, but it will be worth it in the long run. I have been known to ask women I don't even know who cuts their hair! Most women will be flattered and more than happy to tell you. I do agree with the others here that you have beautiful hair, but I also understand wanting to update a little.

  13. I love your hair. Your waves are more stylish than mine although we both have thick hair. I'm in the process of growing out my fringe to give me more options. Maybe some slight layering would help lighten yours up. You could also play with colouring - some highlights and/or low lights for a change. At the length it is it would be very easy to try many different styles of updo, braids, twists etc. Enjoy having a play and see what you like.

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