Jean jackets

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  1. Can an petite 5' E with large stomach look ok in a jean jacket? I have large breasts as well. The jacket is from Chicos. The length seems right. It hits mid hip. The jacket does not have patch pockets but it does have small horizontal flaps high on the breasts covering inserted breast pockets. I am new to this forum and to me nothing looks good on me because of my weight.

  1. Hmm OK first, you have to look good in something! Try to think more positive about the way you are dressing and your body. Own it sister! It's great you are making steps to dressing for your body type as no two are the same. Have you looked at some of the recommendations for your body type in the personal shopper? I found that to be a tremendous help as I often wore sweaters that stopped mid hip and made my backside look really really wide lol so it makes a difference! What about wearing a long pendant necklace with the jacket to draw the eye down to create some vertical lines??? I'm no fashionista, but I've learned a lot on here and you will too!!

  2. Cookie, welcome to the forum! I think a jean jacket could be very flattering on an E -- it's a structured piece of clothing, so it should skim over and minimize your problem areas. Now you just need to figure out how to play up the parts of you that you do like. A pretty scarf that matches your eyes? A long necklace to make your torso look longer, like Chivon suggested? Earrings to draw attention upward to your face and hair? You can do it!

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