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  1. I've finally bitten the bullet and signed up to get my body type id'd and seasoned. My hubby and I just won't eat for a week to compensate for the cost of the subscription lol. Oh to be new home owners and poor haha

  1. You'll be glad you did. It makes things so much easier if you know your colors and body type, then you can go through your clothes and figure out what makes you look your best. If you know how to sew, you can alter things that are in the right colors but wrong styles so they suit you. If you have things that suit you in the wrong colors, you can dye them! It takes awhile for you to get your type and colors back, so don't worry if it's up to 2 weeks. ~Helen

  2. HelenChristine, your example has led me to take the plunge and make clothing alterations on tops that have now become my wardrobe favorites. My next alteration projects are several skirts that are not quite right for me. I am sorry you don't have the pep you expected to have. Homeschooling is a pretty continuous job that is not conducive to rest. The picture of your family looked like they are all thriving and happy, however. Perhaps your not having the strength to do it all has enabled your children to learn to do many things that will help them when they have their own homes to manage. I hope so, anyway.

  3. Don't worry...it's great you're starting to "invest" in yourself. And p.s, I'm not even a home owner and broke lol.

  4. Minty, I'm just two years into home ownership, so I hear you! I hope you find the subscription to be useful and worth the investment...I certainly did. :-) It's cheaper than buying style magazines and the advice is better!

  5. That 30 years is gonna go faster than you would ever believe.

  6. I have saved a LOT of money by subscribing to MSP. When I shop I know what I'm looking for. I get it right more often than I used too. And I LOVE thrifting. And when I just have that "urge to shop" I go to the thrift shop and spend $10-$12 and the urge is gone. Also, my thrift shop owner usually trades me. I take her a stack of "mistakes" or unloved clothes, then I shop for free. There's a shop in N. Little Rock, AR...if you bring in any item and put it in their donation box, they give you a percentage off your purchase...I think it's 20%. Last summer I found a like-new pair of Docker capris along with a few other things...great find!

  7. Hehe.. you're cute. Yes, homes eat up the disposable income for sure! We are hoping to be in our final few years... very exciting. It's been 10 so far. Who ever said it above, the subscription saves money in the long run. You become discerning in the stores, not just buying whatever. Love the capsule wardrobe. I'm working on that. I have my bottoms...no skirts or dresses, all pants. now working on tops. Pants are easy. Walked into my favorite store, they were having a big sale, had my sizes. done. If only tops were as easy.

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