Am I really a type A?

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  1. I was sure I would be a type B from the description, but MSP classified me as an A. I am feeling unsure...wondering if others can describe their A's & B"s for me so I can see where I fit in...Thanks!

  1. A "B" type has about the same measurement in the shoulders as the hips and the waist is about 10" less than the shoulders/hips. The breasts can be either similiar to the shoulders/hips or a bit bigger or smaller.

  2. Hi Maxzmommy and Helen! I had the same issue! I was thrown off by the pictures: the illustration by the body type B is actually an A (I think)-- wide shoulders and narrow hips, though a little more substantial than the A illustration. I'm still not sure and haven't written in to get the official word on it. Helen, I appreciate the measurements. My measurements (shoulders, waist, hips) in circumference are 42 31 35. I'm definitely not hourglass shaped, though I'm not willowy either, plenty of heft here. (bust, by the way, is 37)

  3. Hi, I think the whole "plus size" throws people off. I am not plus-sized but I don't have a small waist (ie. muffintop). It is just a waist ratio thing. If you find that your waistband is too small in relationship to the length and hips of most pants then you are probably A, regardless of being plus, petite,or miss sizes.

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