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  1. Where is the capsule info that is supposed to be available for Spring? When I click on the link, it just takes me to the body type page.

  1. Dear SYSter, This week's style article regarding a spring capsule wardrobe will be posted in your Personal Profile on Thursday. An email will be sent out as a reminder as soon as it is posted!
    I'm excited to share it with you since it's a great tool for planning your spring wardrobe! Here's to warmer weather!!!

  2. It worked! The weekly style mission was to go to the closet and put together a spring "capsule" outfit. Amazingly, it was all there--everything I needed. Gathering my wardrobe items has been very gradual since last fall when I joined, so I was surprised that I had made enough progress to find the right things in my closet to do the mission!(My daughter had told me she thought MSP could help me and she was right.)

  3. I am so excited about this one! Ready to be done with heavy sweaters and get the spring stuff out!

  4. Lindap...I'm so happy you had style success! This week's style mission is about put together a spring capsule. You are gonna LOVE this week's style article. It's perfect for printing and saving to use in your own closet!

  5. I don't see the article posted in my personal profile yet. Am I missing it?

  6. It's posted and you should be able to see it along with the style articles and shopping guides for the previous three weeks. Go to My Account (pink button at the top right), then click on My Personal Profile and Style Articles (blue link near the bottom right of your screen) and scroll down. If you don't see style articles and shopping guides for the last four weeks, contact MSP customer service (Contact Us link at the bottom of the page). Hope that helps!

  7. I'm new to the Capsule idea but I think (actually know!) I'm gonna love it and it is going to help me tremendously. However, the article says you should establish several capsules. I'm wondering how many and what else I should know about capsule wardrobes. Any help or advice will be appreciated!

  8. I would love to know where to find a wrap top like the one in the capsule. I really like that one. Does MSP post info on where to fine the items she features in her articles???

  9. Absolutely love the capsule info and examples...and would so love to find similar items to what you showed. Please do more of this! It was especially helpful to see how you put the items together and accessorized for those like me that are so fashion challenged :)This was the most helpful article I've read and made more of an impact than the weekly examples. Thank you!

  10. Ngawildflower, I think Leslie means that your capsules should reflect your lifestyle. Like a capsule for work, a capsule for home, etc. Of course, there could be items that overlap depending on how different the various spheres of your life are. And/or maybe for different times of year if you live somewhere with extreme weather changes. Or different activities.

  11. JudyC - Thanks! That makes sense.

  12. The capsule wardrobe article and pictures was the most helpful ever. I went shopping to the outlet mall yesterday and filled in a few pieces that I needed to complete my capsule wardrobe. I did not need many pieces at all. It was so easy to shop the stores as I just looked for the colors I needed in the item type. 5 minutes per store and I knew if it had what I needed or not!! So easy.

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