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  1. Dear SYSters,
    I didn't stay up late enough to watch the Oscars last night, but I sure enjoyed all the pretty gowns and tuxes before the show started!
    What gowns did you like and which ones didn't you care for? I'd love your opinion about the red carpet looks from the Academy Awards show.
    Who wore a dress you admired? It's nice to see what dress styles worked for each body type and which ones kind of fizzled...
    MSP: I liked Meryl Streep. Very classy and age appropriate. I also like Amy Adams for her classic style and choice of dress color!


  1. Here's Meryl Streep's dress...


  2. My favorite was Jennifer Lawrence. She looked elegant and classy in that stunning red. Loved it!


  3. I thought Sandra Bullock looked stunning. Very elegant.

  4. My vote goes to Sandra Bullock also! Loved that beautiful blue color!

  5. I liked Jennifer Lawrence too. Bright red is always so striking. However, Sandra Bullock's dress was beautiful in fit and color. Dare I say she looked "perfect"... She's was absolutely gorgeous!


  6. I also liked Sandra Bullock's dress very much... very elegant look. Amy Adams - exquisite! Jennifer Lawrence - fabulous in red and loved the peplum! Also loved how she wore her necklace with the length highlighting the back of her gown... Generally didn't like the "nude" color dresses - looked washed out to me. In one instance, shiny green fabric highlighted problem areas instead of enhancing beautiful curves and the lovely actress was clearly uncomfortable onstage... so sad for a very special night. Overall, I was happy to see women looking classy... and dressing age appropriately...

  7. Sandra Bullock all the way! Angelina Jolie is always classy, too. Have to say Elsa Pataky (Chris Hemsworth's wife) made a bad choice with her maternity dress...I was more a fan of Kerry Washington's draped gown and Olivia Wilde's classic silhouette. Also not a big fan of Glenn Close's "wear black and cover everything up" outfit. Meryl Streep and Bette Midler showed how it's done! I have to mention Christine Teigen's pink-on-black print...much as I love the draped and gathered fabrics like Bullock's, they do show up a lot and it's nice to see something different. And what did you all think of Portia de Rossi's cream-cutout-on-nude dress?

  8. I submitted a list of the dresses I liked, but it hasn't appeared on the forum?

  9. Sometimes the forum eats posts if you get the code wrong. :( As far as I know, you'll have to type it again...but "copy" it this time just in case!

  10. I was disappointed in Anne Hathaway's dress - it was so shapeless on top. And interviewer Lara Spencer's dress was pretty, but I thought "the girls" were quite low - a perkier silhouette would have been more flattering.

  11. I agree w/ you! Anne Hathaway didn't have the "wow" factor she normally does...and yes this is the night to wear a good supportive bra! Check out your silhouette in the full-length mirror before you walk out that door!

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