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  1. I am a Delightful D--well, sort of between a Delightful D and a Cute Curves C. As a Delightful D, I am instructed to wear tops that hit between the low waist area and the high hip area. But in the recent article called "A Matter of Proportion," I learned that since my top half is shorter than my bottom half, I should wear longer tops and even drop-waist pieces in order to achieve balance. Please help me resolve the two conflicting ideas. I do instinctively feel that the shorter the top, the wider I look. Yet I also think that the longer the top, the dumpier I look. Help!

  1. You might try sending the question to customer service. But I'd say go with a low waist top and use a scarf or long necklace to help elongate. Just my 2 cents. ~Gwen

  2. I think MSP's universal advice is that tops should end around your hip bone. At first I didn't know where on my pelvis that meant, but it is where the hip bones protrude like bumps in the front part of your body. I'm overweight and had a hard time finding them, but if I lay down I can find them just fine, about an inch above the leg break (the crease when you bend your leg up). I have a short waist too but am an overweight B in shape. I've found that I look best in empire waists with no gathering, waterfall cardigans and bolero jackets. ~Helen

  3. As a curvy person, you'll probably do better with a longer top--just about the leg break like Helen says above. Try either a short jacket or sweater over, or some sort of "statement" piece on your upper part. Brings the eye up.

  4. I am a C and I have exactly the same problem. I often thought the same, that there a two conflicting ideas to resolve! Beeing shortwaisted and having a wide hip. My best solution ist, to wear top and bottom in the same color, this way there is no horizontal line anywhere. Often I wear a vest above it, either above the widest part of the hip or a little bit below. If it is below, I try to wear tighter bottoms like a pencil skirt or leggins or fitting trousers. Sometimes I think, I am very limited, not to be able to tuck in shirts or to wear shorter tops. But other days I just think I have the opportunity to be more creative with my limited choices. A good idea also is to have a nice bag hanging on my shoulder, not lower than my hipbone. Have a nice day and enjoy to be creative!

  5. Describes a similar problem I have with my "C" shape... about 6" midriff section and about an 8" waist to crotch so petite pants are just about an inch too short, I love the look of ankle pants and skinny pants and thought these worked best with flats ... any suggestions?

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