uploading an image ?

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  1. I am trying to complete the seasonal color questionnaire and cannot get it to allow me to attach a file. Can someone talk me through that? I was attempting to upload an jpeg from my computer, but I keep getting an error message that says Incorrect file type only image file allow. I don't understand that.

  1. I am having an issue with that also - minus the error message. Just when I click upload photo, nothing happens. :/

  2. Have you tried contacting MSP? http://www.missussmartypants.com/contact-us That's the best place to get tech help. :)

  3. You generally have to post pictures that have been cropped, even a little. It seems like in most websites, a full sized picture is too much for the programs to deal with and if you crop it a bit with a photo editor (there are some free ones online), you'll be able to upload it. ~Helen

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