Where to buy inexepensive, small bras?

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  1. I should wear a 28B, but stores like Shopko and Fred Meyer don't carry them. I found a website selling small sizes for over $50 each with a store a half hour from me, but I'm a poor college student and don't think I should have to pay that much. Where (online or not) can I find 28B bras for under $40 each?

  1. you know what? I found some great small bras in the junior department at Kohls......I got an XS. I can't remember the brand as it doesn't show on the bras, but i got them in white and beige. They had other colors too. Found that this fit perfectly and don't gape open.

  2. Have you checked Wal-Mart? ~Gwen

  3. JCPenney Flirt collection.

  4. I just got this email reminder in my in box today from http://www.evesappleslingerie.com/ They are small bra specialists. ~Gwen

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