Opinion needed on dress color by July 9

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  1. http://www.garnethill.com/cosette-knit-dress/252639?listIndex=1&listId=SEARCHRESULTS So, this dress is on sale until July 10. It's a great cut and Garnet Hill clothes are usually very well made, so I am willing to splurge some. I really need to replace my LBD that had to be retired post-babies, so I wanted to get black, but I also really love the pewter color; both colors will look good with my skin tone. My question is do I wait to find the perfect black dress or go with pewter as an updated option? I only have black and brown dress shoes (my foot is very small, so it's difficult to find shoes without spending a small fortune).

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention... They're out of black, so it's pewter or wait for another black dress.

  2. Love the pewter dress, I would get it!

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