Leslie my Seasonal Profile in Lost In Space,Help:0)

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  1. I am not sure how to get in touch with Missus Smarty Pants but I am having quite a time trying to get my Spring personal profile. The only reason that I know that I was called a Spring is that it appeared last Sunday July 1 on my personal page. So I purged my closet with what little I knew about Spring (I was dressing Autumn from a previous reading). I need to shop before I leave in a couple of days or I will be naked on vacation!!! NO BODY WANTS THAT,lol:0) Faith replied to my inquiry that Leslie would have sent me a link when she contacted me with my profile on Email. I have searched up and down sweet Leslie and no email in my system. Could you please resend ASAP, I would be so very grateful! I will even pay for it again, I just need your learned advice:0)! Thanks so much!

  1. Hello Jewels! I emailed your Colors information to you on the 8th! If you have any more difficulty, please contact me in Customer Service and I'll be happy to help get you set up. I apologize for the confusion =) Have a fantastic vacation!!! Your SYSter, Faith

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