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  1. Helen, I have some questions about "Sun-In" . You said you had used it for years to lighten your hair? I let my hair color grow almost out this year. I loved it for months while it was streaked, but when my bangs started getting mostly gray, I didn't like it. I got some Sun-In and asked my hair dresser about it. She said DO NOT USE IT!! In no uncertain terms. She said it will ruin your hair. How did it affect your hair? Just wondering...because I AM using it. I'm just doing a bit here and a bit there instead of all over...trying to get a streaked look. I like it because it's so easy. But I don't want to ruin my hair of course. Advice?

  1. I have used the highlighter kits with the cap where you pull hair through the holes with a crochet hook thingy. I am hair-challenged, and mine turned out great. Never used Sun-in.

  2. I don't know if it ruins your hair but I know when I last used it...oh, maybe 20-25 years ago so the formula may have changed in the meantime...it gave me very brassy highlights that did not look natural at all. Of course, that doesn't mean it will do the same for you. It's also hard to control where the lightening occurs. Mine looked more like color-blocking than more natural streaks of due to that lack of control.

  3. I had a similar experience as Judy. It did not turn out well at all. If you could get the holey cap for streaks then sun in it, it might be better. I really don't recommend it for dark hair, blonds only. Have you considered henna? Colora is a dream to use. I have dark hair, and I used golden brown, lighter than my hair. It colored my white hairs a gorgeous caramel/reddish color, and added a health sheen to the rest of my hair, I am just getting white hair now, and it's a nice transition, natural highlights with the white being caramel. If you have more than 20% grey it's recommended to get a henna for grey, but it's like a deep conditioning treatment, it smells earth, herbal. Light mountain is a brand that is popular. It's not something you can do in 20 minutes, you need a good 3 hours or so. But it's such a nice treatment, I make tea, grab the laptop or a good book :)

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