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  1. How does all this fit in with pregnant ladies? Does the style/body type advice still apply?

  1. When I was pregnant, I was so uncomfortable that I could have cared less what my shape was. But I think the answer is that it is still the same. Just ignore any reference to belts, lol.

  2. When I was pregnant, many moons ago, I also just went for pure comfort. And, back then, pregnancy clothes were so horridly ugly....ohmigosh, why did they think we wanted to dress like children with peter pan collars and big bows?...that just finding something that didn't make me feel like a pre-schooler or a clown was the main goal besides comfort. Sorry, not much help, am I? I truly don't know how I would apply the rules for my body type to pregnancy. I think that would be a prescription for frustration, to be honest, but maybe someone else can chime in with better advice. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and enjoy your new little bundle of joy.

  3. I had my baby a year ago and my two cents would be just to stay in your seasonal colors and be comfortable while you enjoy your pregnancy! Congrats!

  4. I'm seven months now and have been following my style profile advice, especially as it relates to proportion and balance. It's helped me aviod a few disasters - maternity clothes are so dodgy sometimes. I'm still wearing belts, skinny ones under my bust, to create a more shapely and less matronly silhouette. The color advice is helpful, too.

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