How many shoes and purses??

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  1. I am trying to decide what is the average amount of shoes and purses I should have to do a great mix of outfits without having way to much to store and use. How many pair of shoes and purses do you keep in your wardrobe??

  1. Purses...4. A quirky denim bag with cool hardware that my husband picked up for me 9 years ago on deployment in Italy. I use it in Spring and Summer. A high end metallic leather bag with black trim for winter. A well made straw bag that I got at JCP end of season sale 2 years ago for summer A high end metallic clutch for more formal occassions. That's it...I have purged all my other bags. I hate switching out purses. Now, as for shoes...LOL! I currently have 20 pairs, 3 pairs of boots, and about 6 pairs of flip flops. I guess I am a shoe girl. I try to make myself get rid of a pair whenever I buy a new pair...I don't always succeed. :)

  2. I have also purged a lot of my handbags mainly because they didn't coordinate with my seasonal colors ( I am a winter.) I love a pop of color in my bags. I have a pewter metallic shopper for every day and 3 others which coordinate with my seasonal colors ( turquoise shopper, purple structured bag,and a dark red hobo. I'd really love a fushia bag. I love shoes and probably have way too many. Here are my most useful and most worn shoes: black pumps, nude peephole pumps, pewter metallic 4 inch wedge sandals, sand-colored 2 inch wedge sandals, black ankle boots, black knee high leather boots, and black zip up leather sneakers. I think the important thing when choosing how many handbags and shoes is first, choosing shoes/handbags that fit your lifestyle and secondly, that you start with neutral colors that coordinate with your wardrobe.

  3. Like the others, I probably have way too many shoes and purses, but I really enjoy having the variety. I used to have only 3 or 4 pairs of shoes before MSP! Anyway, in the basics list from Leslie this is what she put for the basics: __1 pair of lace-ups (sneakers) __2 pairs of black, brown or navy (depending on your base color) casual walking __2 pairs of work shoes in black, brown, nude __1 pair of stylish boots for winter __1 pair of sandals for summer __1 pair of evening shoes __1-2 handbags, classic style, neutral color These are the basics that will go with everything. Then after you have the basics, you can add in the colorful, fun types of shoes or purses.

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