Weight Fluctuations

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  1. I'm brand new to this, and haven't even gotten my first news blog yet. I'm considering getting my body type ID, but because of medications, my weight fluctuates dramatically. Right now, I'm at the top end. In a few months I could be more than 20 pounds less, then back to where I am now. (This is done with no conscious effort on my part.) I'm hoping to get this set to a permanent weight, but who knows? When I'm at my highest, my abdomen looks enormous, and when I'm at the lower end, I actual start to develop a small waist. How do I get the true type or dress for it when I'm changing so much?

  1. That's a tricky question, Katnap. Do you think your body proportions change a lot with the weight fluctuations, or are you always (for example) bigger on the bottom half? After all, the bones of your shoulders and hips/pelvis are always going to be more or less the same width. I'd suggest emailing MSP directly to ask -- click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page.

  2. Thanks. It is a somewhat odd situation. I'll have to take some time and figure this out.

  3. I think even with the weight fluctuations your body type still be the same. Good luck I know how frustrating this can be!

  4. I know what you are saying. I am overweight at present as anytime I am not really focussed on health and fitness I pile on the weight fast. In the kast 18 months this has meant an extra 30 plus pounds....Ouch!!! I think I am more of a D when overweight but a C when in the normal weight range...

  5. Hi Katnap. Your body shape is determined by the width of your shoulders compared to the width of your hips when looking straight on in a mirror. A B-shape has the shoulders and hips the same, while a C has the hips wider than the shoulders. Your bone structure doesn't change even when weight is added. From MSP's definition of the shapes, B becomes an E when they go into the plus-size area, and a C becomes a D. These are generalized ways to tell. Each woman is unique, and carries the weight differently, so even B's and C's can lack some waist definition. Pick the shape that you feel comes the closest to you. For the weight fluctuations, you could try clothing that can be changed, maybe with a belt for the leaner times, or a buttoned cardigan or jacket to give some waist definition. Then when you gain weight, there will still be room. Elastic waist skirts and dresses can adapt to a lot of situations, also. Good luck, and happy styling.

  6. I forgot to mention that you can sign up for a certain body type, then if the suggestions don't work for you, you can change to another type through customer service.

  7. Ah. That's good to know, thanks. My shoulders are pretty small, but then so are my hips and waist is slightly defined, rather full bust.-when I'm not an apple on a stick, that is. I was thinking I'm a B when I'm at my normal weight, an E when I'm not. Very helpful, thank you. You ladies have been very helpful, thank you.

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