Where to find guide for winter colours?

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  1. I had Ms Smartyoants do my colouring ID and I remember an introduction to the right colours and neutrals etc for a winter colouring. I think it had a colour wheel on itas well. Anyway I can't find it now. Where should I be looking for it...can anyone tell me?

  1. go to the top of this page and click on seasonal colors. They are small, but I still think you can get an idea.

  2. I find mine by going to my original e-mail and using the link provided by her in the email. It leads to a page with a nice big color chart, makeup choices, etc. I have never been able to find it any other way.

  3. It should be in your email -- when I got mine done a few years ago, it came as a PDF attachment.

  4. I had to email customer service and they sent me the color email again. try this address: lookgreat@missussmartypants.com

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