skinny jeans and being a "C"

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  1. I really want to wear a pair of skinny jeans with boots but because of my "C" shape my "saddlebags" are really emphasized. That is why I only wear a boot cut jean to balance out my proportion. Do other "C" ladies find a way to do a skinny jean?

  1. If you just want to wear boots over them, MSP pinned how to tuck regular jeans in boots without getting muffin top. You wouldn't have to spend money on something that might not work.

  2. I'll have to do a search and see if I can find that blog. I did try it one time and really did look like two muffin tops coming out of the top of my boots.

  3. I'm in the same boat as you AMC99, I just started looking at skinny jeans online just yesterday. As a 5'3" C, there is no way I would do a skinny jean with a flat! If I venture into the skinny zone, I'll be tucking mine into a somewhat substantial boot, and emphasize something on top, maybe like a motorcycle type jacket or puffy vest to balance things out. Good luck!

  4. I don't know if this is the same link Janae mentioned, but here's one: As for C's and skinnies, I've been wondering that too. I haven't taken the plunge yet, but what I'm thinking is that skinnies with boots might look okay with a longer top (belted at the waist) that covers the bum, especially if the top has a wider neckline to balance out the hips, or another feature that draws attention upward. Haven't tried it myself, though...keep us posted!

  5. I'm a B and I have the same problems with skinnies. If the top is too low in the front, I look stumpy (I'm 5' 7"), and if the bum isn't covered I feel like a cow. I have been looking for the high-low tops, which solve that problem, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on a fad. I think I can alter the high-low tops when the skinny fad is over. I hope skinnies will go away!

  6. I'm a "C" as well and think that a wider boot that comes mid-calf can work as it sort of balance your hips. (As opposed to a shorter boot, knee high boot or a tight boot) I also really like the Old Navy Rockstar jeans to go in them. They come in a dark indigo, are really stretchy but maintain their shape, and they're skinny so they look nice with the wider boot. (They also come in short and tall online and you can get them in low rise or mid rise) They're on sale a lot too. (Don't pay full price!) Boots like these... The trick is getting something that doesn't look too masculine, or like you're ready to join a motorcycle gang. Lol.


  7. Opps, 2nd boot should have been this one.


  8. Thanks for all of the input. I'm thinking maybe the boots I want to wear are too tall and will try a mid calf boot as mbernardis suggested. It also looks like I have to get a longer shirt but if I belt it to show my waist the bottom sticks out and really emphasizes my larger hips and thighs. I hope to get a new phone with a camera this Christmas and I can show you the dilemma. thanks for all of your suggestions. As kayburge says "I can't wait for this skinny jean fad to be over" It really emphasizes my problem area of larger hips and thighs.

  9. I don't wear skinny jeans, they look awful on me. But,I find that my almost-knee-high boots balance skinny pants, tucked in, just fine. The boldness of the boot draws the eye. I would keep your shirt between the waist and hip like MSP says, not longer. This will keep your legs long. Also a lighter top with dark pants and boots. I like a body-skimming, fitted, or princess seam shirt much better than a belted one on myself. They give a nice hourglass shape. Belts sometimes make me look like a sack of flour with a rope tied around the middle. Thank goodness for mirrors! And I bet you are the only person who thinks your saddlebags are an issue. bert, C, 5'4"

  10. I too am a "C" and on my body there is absolutely no way to make skinny jeans or leggings look nice. No matter what top, or what shoes or what jacket I wear with I always look like an ice cream cone, with a giant ball of ice cream at the top. The upper third of my body disappears. Short boots/booties only accentuate the problem. If you can find a way to look nice as a C in leggings or skinny jeans, I salute you.

  11. I've been pondering this very issue. So glad to have checked out the forum today! I have tall slouch boots, which I positively love, but am afraid my lower half would look like an apple on a stick if I got skinny jeans. I'll try tucking in my current jeans and decide in front of the mirror, so thanks for the link on how to transform jeans into skinny jeans! Also thanks for pointing out that boots can draw the eye downward, too. That's brings me to my next thought... If you find a pair of tall boots you love, don't give up. There's still hope. My tall boots look great with a boot-cut (tulip) skirt which I bought a size too large and then had fitted (got two, I liked them so well) (may get a third, in fact). That looks super, and works well with me, and perhaps for some other C's also. Here's the link to the paneled boot skirt: (They also have a tulip skirt - same idea, shorter length, pencil skirt and a-frame skirt) The fabric doesn't wrinkle so it looks good all day, without getting those oh-so-irritating horizontal wrinkle lines right across the hips. These skirts are serious wardrobe staples.

  12. Ruth, that's a great idea. As a C, I've found success wearing pencil skirts and cute dresses with tall boots, but I'll also have to keep an eye out for fuller-cut skirts like that one!

  13. Hi AMC99 and fordsears; I wear a stretchy straight leg skinny jean with ballet flats, no thick or heavy shoes, no kitten heels as I am a 5'4" C, so I am careful not to enhance shorter legs or wider hips... most often I see jeans, legging and tights tucked into boots on thinner ladies; however, I want to be stylish so I wear a longer shirt, I resist the cardigan cover ups as it tends to stretch wider in the back from sitting and ends up looking frumpy on me, belted or loose -- I've seen some really cute tunics, ala 70's style that could work with skinny jeans and sandals (summer) or ballet flats (cooler weather), I think if you don't wear boots, as I do not find any that fit my calves properly, a ballet flat in cooler weather or a cute strappy flat sandal in warmer weather would work great! I find great ballet flats and slip on at LLBean catalogue , Lands End (Sears) and Eddie Baur catalogue.

  14. don't forget the pedicure if you wear sandals! I'm trying a fun new color on my toenails instead of the same old red, selected from my summer chart, Perwinkle... if it only lasts two weeks... have some fun, you'll feel great and look stylish!

  15. I'm a C and have tried on skinny jeans. I thought they looked awful on me...wide hips down to small ankles...bad proportions. I've never tried them with boots.

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